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We all need water to live.Plants need water.Animals need water.water is one of the basic needs.Water is an important our basic needs water is an important part of our food we also need water to keep us clean.

We need drinking water we need water for washing our vehicles .We need water for washing fruits and vegetables before cooking and eating them. We need water for washing our clothes and washing animals.We need water for planting and trees.we need water for shaving and bathing.We need water to wash our hands and feet before entering our house.

We need water for irrigation,we need water for travel-for example:streamer ships and coats sail in our industries and factories need water for various industrial process water.Water is needed to produce electricity,water plays a very important part in our religious ceremonies,such as weddings and ‘Havanas’.Several rivers are worshiped on religious such as the river Ganges,which is worshiped by Hindus.