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Introduction[edit | edit source]

In today’s era, knowledge and technology has become an integral part of the education. ICT has changed the scenario of Indian education in the last few years and is one of the most efficient tools in teaching-learning processes. It is a boon to both the teachers and the learners. It has become easier to look for the resources outside the textbook.

Modern technologies helped the teachers or educators to avail various resources and tools that can be used in the classrooms. Through ICT, teachers are able to prepare lessons, create interactive activities that cannot be done directly in the classrooms through Learning Management System (LMS). These resources can also be modified easily.

Technology is playing a vital role in assessing the students. Assessment has become easier and comprehensive. The assessment tools like assignment in Edmodo, quizzes in Kahoot, survey sheets in MS office or Google forms, Google classrooms have helped in assessing the students.

ICT has boosted the changes that are taking place in the school education. Teaching-learning process has changed from traditional lecture method to a constructivistic approach where students learn by doing by hands-on experience. By using various tools and techniques of ICT, the classroom experience can be made into a wonderful learning experience.

Students in today’s classroom are encouraged to create their own knowledge and build upon them. Teachers are the facilitators who provide the guidelines and skills to encourage the students to create their own knowledge.

ICT in schools was initially introduced in 2004 and is revised in 2010 and is currently subsumed under Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan. Various initiatives have been taken by the government for the implementation of ICT in secondary education in schools. E-platforms like e-pathashala, Saransh, Siddhi shala, Darpan, etc brought major changes in the classrooms.

Key challenges

Though ICT can change the face of Indian school education, its implementation still remains a challenge to an extent.

Training teachers with the latest developments, use of ever evolving technologies, improving their skills is a tremendous task.

Availability of technology and maintenance in schools requires a lot of financial investment. That’s a huge challenge.