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Any activity that we do in our spare time without any effort or stress and brings pleasure

Happiness :

It is the state of our body, mind and soul when we feel glad for accomplishing any work that we are proud of or good at.

Need of hobby:

We usually assume watching television is a hobby and enjoy it for hours. But sometimes too much screen time causes us to feel jaded about life.

Movies, action sequences triggers our responses and keeps us engaged through the whole time. But it also makes us feel drained. Yet we stick to it because other slower activities around us feels boring.

Here the DOPAMINE (happy hormone) rush into the brain is insane and the more you get excited, more is the rush and there is a need to detox it from keeping away the exhausting feeling.

Dopamine detox:

It is done by following up with any activity that involves your concious effort and hardwork to remove the monotonous drain.

At that time considering to follow a hobby is the best way to DETOX yourself and keep the mind fresh, flexible, active and happy.

Hobby keeps us happy:

Here are some of the hobbies to follow;

Reading: improves vocabulary and reduces stress

Owning a pet: lowers blood pressure and increases smiles

Crafting: eases stress, anxiety and depression

Writing: journal your thoughts, write poetry

Drawing, painting: adds colours to your thoughts and brings positivity

Cooking: envisages bonding with family

Playing instruments: improves motor skills and cheers us up

Learning a new language: makes us smarter and can connect to a new community

Importance of hobby and happiness:

Some studies shows that people who engage in hobbies enjoy better mood, feel more interested even after hours of recreation time.

Embracing a hobby can also sharpen the ability to solve problems in other areas of life and can turn into unexpected skills, may be even inspiring a new career.

Happiness from following hobbies maintains good mental health. The mind feels relaxed. The stress is relieved and the body gets energised to continue the rest of the day with full of energy and Zeal.

This state of happiness makes the ordinary day feel special