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HAPPINESS[edit | edit source]

BE HAPPY WITH SADNESS[edit | edit source]

Happiness is that friend of yours who hates all your bad habits and gets angry on you easily, but it can never leave you eternally. There is no key to happiness other than sadness.When sadness becomes sad with you, be happy with sadness. A smile is said to be the manifestation of happiness but a sparkling eyes with tears can also do the same. So expression is always secondary to your feelings. A continuous state of bliss is that unattainable dream that everyone sees but it is inhuman and never comes to existence.

QUEST FOR HAPPINESS[edit | edit source]

In all human deeds there is a quest for happiness. This unending search for happiness cannot deny its universal nature. You can always see happiness with your naked eyes but it is not always gift wrapped. An artist sees it in his art and a monkey in its banana. Happiness is the ultimate aim of life, so life becomes meaningless without a trace of it. It is not that you are always sad but it’s like sometimes you are happier, so adjusting with less happiness becomes difficult for you. And one thing about happiness is that it is best when it comes without a reason.

HAPPY MAN[edit | edit source]

A rich man has plentiful reasons to be happy but he can’t decide which one it should be, so he is clueless not unhappy. But a poor man has only one so he is happier. It is for the same happiness that a woman goes through the pain of child birth and a hit-man kills someone. There is lot to cry about but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to make you smile it just that being a connoisseur of happiness takes time.