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Graphs from unorganized data[edit | edit source]

Statistical graphs in MS Excel sounds so easy. You have the data select it go to insert and select the graph you need out of various options available. But, have you ever thought if you don't have the data sorted out. If the data is unorganized we go for organizing the which then makes it suitable for inserting graphs. This is lengthy and time consuming process. We are here with a short method for you wherein you need not spend time to in organizing the data but Excel does it for you and thereafter, you can insert any kind graph you wish.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Guidelines to make statistical graph in MS Excel with unorganized data,

1. Copy the column of unorganized data from any file format (it may be doc or pdf).

2. Paste the copied data in MS excel blank sheet.

3. Select the copied data, go to insert then click on recommended chart. This will produce a chart and organised data in a new Excel sheet.

4. Copy the organised data from the table paste it in the lower cell.

5. Select the pasted organised data and then go to insert click on any kind of chart you prefer to insert.

Copying and pasting unorganized data[edit | edit source]

Copying the data from other file format is important as we are performing this process in Excel. The entire column of data is copied and pasted in MS Excel to get the chart. i.e. educational qualification of various people are mentioned in an entire column. So, this data is copied and then pasted in new sheet of Excel.

Inserting recommended chart[edit | edit source]

The trick behind this entire process. The unorganized data is selected and then we insert the recommended chart. Once the recommended chart is inserted in a new Excel sheet you get a pivot table and a chart formed from it which is a bit tricky to edit. Therefore, we directly don't use the chart formed out of recommended chart. We just make use of the organised data that we get at the end of the process.

Inserting statistical graph[edit | edit source]

The final step of this small process. The organised data is copied from the pivot table and pasted at some lower cell. This is done in order to free you data from the constraints of pivot table. Further, select the newly pasted organised data and insert any kind of chart according to your requirement.