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George Gheverghese Joseph, also known as G.G.Joseph is an Indian-born African mathematician who is passionate about the History of Mathematics. His works are mainly focussed on the achievements of Kerala mathematicians and the transmission of mathematics from India to Europe[1].

Early Life and Works:

George Gheverghese Joseph was born in Kerala, which is in the southern part of India. At the age of 9, his family moved to Mombasa, Kenya and he pursued his schooling in Kenya. He completed his degree in mathematics at the University of Leicester[2]. After completing his degree, he worked as a school teacher for six years in Kenya and, then he did a master's degree at the University of Manchester, England. Also, he qualified in Law in 2000[2]. G.G.Joseph studied and conducted so many researches in applied mathematics and statistics, including multivariate analysis, mathematical programming, and demography. Also, he is conducting three-month research on the history of mathematics in his native place every year. Through his series of researches, he claimed that the infinite series was invented by Kerala mathematicians in 1350, before Europeans[2].


  • The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics, Princeton University Press, 1991.[3]
  • A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and its Impact, 2009.[4]
  • Kerala Mathematics: History and Its Possible Transmission to Europe, 2009.[5]
  • Multicultural Mathematics: Teaching Mathematics from a Global Perspective (with David Nelson and Julian Williams), 1993.[2]
  • Women at Work: The British Experience, 1983.[2]


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