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BASIC STEPS:[edit | edit source]

Before you want to crack the exam, it’s mandatory to know some basic steps:

Go through the exam pattern and syllabus…analyse it systematically and then jump into the action i.e., preparation for the exam.

NOTEBOOK & PEN:[edit | edit source]

Maintain simple notes for every topic in each subject mentioned in the syllabus.

Make sure that your notes should be simple, brief, precise.

Short and sweet type…

MAGAZINES:[edit | edit source]

Refer some magazines like India today, competitive success review etc…which is related to your field.

Write your opinion on the issue mentioned in the article.

NEWSPAPER:[edit | edit source]

If you are not having habit of reading newspaper, it’s ok…start now!

It’s better to start late than never! Get a habit of reading newspaper like THE HINDU, TIMES OF INDIA…

Special focus on editorial page….

Be like a RUNNING MACHINE with the current situation of country…

Whatever is happening in country, get the basic idea on it…whether the issue is small/big it doesn’t matter, just know about it…

A person should not forget his/her past, where they come from…so it’s necessary to know about your hometown and it’s importance.

Preparation from all sides – on all topics i.e., Basic idea on every field in the country.

Think about fixed issues in country like corruption, black money, terrorism, violence against women…Have an idea about these and express your views whenever chance comes in public/private…

Practice answer writing on such issues which improves your ideology and confidence.