Student Projects/Essential Conditions for Combustion

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First let us define COMBUSTION, it is defined as the process of burning something in which evolution of heat and light takes place.In order to carry out combustion of some thing or material ,there are some essential conditions which should be satisfied for effective combustion of a material.

Essential conditions:[edit | edit source]

  • Adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Ignition temperature.
  • Fuel.
  1. Adequate supply of oxygen: if there is no supply of oxygen or in the absence of oxygen,then the flame puts off.Therefore adequate supply of oxygen is the most important factor for combustion.
  2. Ignition temperature :this is the minimum temperature required for a substance to initiate combustion.There are some substances which do not need external ignition by us,but ignites when exposed to air.Also,different materials posses different ignition temperatures.
  3. Fuel: a fuel is a substance ,maybe present in solid, liquid or gaseous form,which is converted to either forms during combustion producing heat ,energy and light.Fuel is very essential for combustion.