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Emotional well being

The World Health Organization defined Health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being”. Emotions are part of our life. We go through different emotions every day. Emotional well being is related to our mental health and concerns. We experience different kind of feelings throughout our day. Happiness, sad, anger, affection these are all emotions. Emotional health can help the individual to have physically and psychologically well being and their overall health. We express our emotions in different way, but lack of control over emotions can create physiological and psychological disturbances in our personal life. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts and behavior.

Effects of emotional disturbance

Emotional disturbances cause physiological problems such as; Sleeplessness, Eating disorder, lack of energy, Tiredness, aggression, etc

Psychological problems such as lack of interest, loneliness, Inferiority, depression, Irrational thoughts etc.

Causes for emotional disturbance

Emotional distress is likely someone with; low self-esteem, Emotionally sensitive , Very self –critical, Negative thoughts/ irrational thoughts, Impulsiveness

People with emotional disturbance criticize themselves, others and situations. They tend to be worry about future circumstances. Irrational thoughts come and interfere their daily activities, which leads to low self-esteem and mood fluctuations. Many factors influence our emotional health, such as our physiological health condition, function of glands, our thinking pattern etc.

Importance of Emotional well being

Emotional health is essential for every individual. It helps us to build physical psychological and social well being. It improves our quality of life and leads to happiness and better life. People with emotional problems can get counseling and therapies to overcome their obstacles which led to emotional disturbance. Proper psychological therapies and counseling approaches can help them to adapt healthy life style. Meditation, yoga, physical exercises, involving in various activities such as music, dance, sports can boost your overall health.