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E-Content[edit | edit source]

E-Content is the information that is made available through network based electronic devices or computer network.E-Content includes all types of media such as texts,images,videos,graphics,animations which can be shared through various electronic media.It can be used by large number of people depending on their requirements.Also it can be shared many times to number of users around the world.It is very useful for teachers and students for their teaching and learning as it can be easily designed,developed,used,re-used and shared.Also it is useful in open and distance learning.

Tools to create e-content:[edit | edit source]

There are many tools and softwares to create e-content.Several proprietary software,freeware,open source software,public domain software etc. are available for developing e-content.Microsoft office,Libre office can be used by beginners to create e-content.Some of the tools to create e-content are as follows:

Photoshop[edit | edit source]

Photoshop is widely used image editing tool which is a proprietary software.It can be operated in Windows,Mac OS X,mobile version for Android and iPad.It can be used for image editing,drawing and creating graphics.

MyPaint[edit | edit source]

MyPaint is free open source graphics editing software which can be used for digital painting.This software can be operated on different platforms.Graphics tablet,brushes,pencils,layers are some of the features of MyPaint.Complex artistic drawings can be drawn on computers easily using this tool.

Audacity[edit | edit source]

Audacity is a free open source software for editing audio can be run on many different operating systems.We can record the audio,cut,copy and mix the sounds together according to our needs.Speed and pitch changing option is also available in this tool.

Openshot[edit | edit source]

Openshot is a free open source software used for video editing.We can edit videos with effects,merge video-video or video-audio files.We can insert transition and subtitles.

Visual Understanding Environment (VUE)[edit | edit source]

VUE is an free open source software used to create concept maps,mind maps and decision maps.It has features such as dynamic presentation of my maps,map merging enhanced keyword tagging etc.This tool provides a flexible environment for structuring,creating,presenting and sharing digital information.

Reference[edit | edit source]