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Chemistry is the scientific study of the structure of the substance ,chemical reactions and origin of the elements.chemistry play an important role in everyday life not only for livind things and also for nonliving things.It also includes chemical reactions , equations,phenomenon,properties of element.The chemistry starts working from ion to compounds.

It is the branch of natural sience.chemistry tells about how the atoms and the chemical bond works[1].There are four types of chemical bonds namely,

  • Covalent bond
  • Ionic bond
  • Hydrogen bond
  • vander waals force bond

There are five types of chemistry namely,

  • Organic chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Biochemistry


ELEMENTS IN HUMAN;We known that human body is made up of 60% of water remaining it is made up of elements like nitrogen,carbon,hydrogen etc it means there is a chemistry in human body. COOKING;Chemistry explains how food changes as we cook it ,how it rots,how to preserve food,how our body uses the food eats. MEDICINE;From chemistry we can understand how vitamins,supplements,and drugs can help or harm us,chemistry lies in developing and testing new medical treatment . CLEANING;We use Chemistry to help decide what cleaner is best for dishes ,laundry,your self and home . We use chemistry when use bleaches and soap. INDUSTRY and TRANSPORT;From cloth mills,lather factory ,petroleum chemical industry all use numerous fuels for power generation and chemical products for processing their products and improve the equality and produce pollution. AGRICULTURE;Fertilizer are extensively used by farmers to restore the fertility of soil .Pesticides are used to protect the crop during farming and preserve the grains from pests,rats. HEALTH CARE;The diagnostic tests Carried out in laboratory,prognostic estimation ,pills,vaccines,antibodies play very vital role in healthy monitoring ,control of disease in alleviating the suffering of the humanity.

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