Student Projects/Change brought by Lorentz transformation to our real world

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For a long time humans have always wondered about the world and the mystery it holds. We always looked forward to solving the mysteries and using them to our advantages. Things were so simple them, but now as science got its roots uprooted strong deep into the ground the question of space and time have confused the great minds.

To save humanity and develop technology one of the greatest Einstein in 1905 published his paper in "Special Theory of relativity" which opened a portal to a new world. The idea of Newton and Galileo, the absoluteness of space and time was shattered and many scientists found it difficult to accept the "new truth". The intertwining off space and time together in the new paper published led Loretnz to publish a new transformation different from that of Galilean transformation of space.

x′=x-vt/(1-ß²)½        t′=t+(v/c²)x/(1-ß²)½

The equations led 4 main consequences in real life

  1. The unchanged perpendicular length
  2. Length contraction
  3. Time dilation
  4. Clocks out of synchronous