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Addition and Multiplication In MS Excel[edit | edit source]

Addition and multiplication are two very basic and easy operations which can be performed in MS Excel.

Addition[edit | edit source]

Addition in MS Excel can be done through 2 pathways:

Autosum[edit | edit source]

If the data are arranged continuously, select the cells and click on "Autosum" under 'Home' tab. The sum of the selected cells will appear one cell to the right or down of the selection, according to the direction of the selection.

Manual[edit | edit source]

If the data are segregated , select the cell in which the sum is required, and enter = symbol and manually select the cells one by one, whose values needed to be added, with + symbols between each consecutive selection. Then press the 'Enter' key and the sum appears in the selected cell.

Multiplication[edit | edit source]

Select the cell in which the product needs to be entered. Enter = symbol and select the cells whose values needs to be multiplied with * symbol in between two consecutive selections. Press the Enter key and the product of the selection appears.