Student Projects/A worm hole into the scientific aspects of our traditions

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Science and tradition always go hand in hand. Let’s see how?!!!

MEDICATED MEDITATION BOWL: It’s also called as Himalayan bowl The sound produced by this bowl switches the brain to ‘theta’ brain wave frequency. Theta wave promotes tranquility, intuition and creativity. This sound is chemically metabolized into endogenous opiates substantial for a good metabolism. The Himalayan bowl is as big and unique as Himalaya in its effect and efficiency towards creating a balanced mindset.

FORESEEING FOREHEAD MARKS: Skin absorbs 70% of the substances it comes in contact with. The turmeric in the forehead marks decalcifies pineal gland. Calcification might happen due to excess usage of fluorine present in foam forming materials like toothpastes, bath soaps etc. Gentle pressing works as acupressure on the pineal gland. As the forehead mark shelters the gland, it results in secretion of optimum amount of melatonin for circadian cycle.


Ear lobe depicts the picture of an inverted fetus. Piercing the head part of the fetus connects to the left and right brain and hence activates them. You’re a genius now!!!

SCIENTIFIC DEVOTION: Devotees rendering prayers by simultaneously using both the hands to perform two different movements. Left brain is associated with reading, writing, speaking, memory, perception and right brain with emotions. Don’t make your left brain the slave of right brain and vice versa. Activate both the brains and hence maintain equilibrium.


Greeks used rosemary in every walk of their life. It was an auspicious plant as Tulsi is in India . Medical benefits of rosemary: Rosemary is rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B-6. It increases concentration, memory and perception. It boosts immune system and circulatory system. It prevents brain aging. It’s strong anti oxidants kill germs and fight infections. Greeks consumed this medically rich plant every day and hence we can see that majority of all the great scholars and scientists were Greeks. Here’s the proof!!!!

Greeks are the ones who discovered lead (Pb) and were obsessed by their discovery. Gradually lead became a metaphor to Greek’s life. All the ceramic and porcelain utensils were replaced by lead, its usage was very intense. Lead is extremely harmful for health: It discontinues the organs. It displays biologically active metal cations. It causes irreversible damages to blood, brain, kidney and liver. Finally the Greek’s declined;

So, let’s stop brain pollution. Let’s try to uncover the scientific truth behind every walk of our life. Let’s adopt and promote goodness in the world.