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Stories for English Language Learners

About the SLL Wiki

SLL is a wiki of texts for language classrooms. All stories are free of copyright, for example folktales and fables. Teachers from around the world contribute texts that are suitable for first or second language learners. Teachers do not have to be native speakers to contribute a story, as the community will help edit. As you browse for texts to use in your classroom, you can help by clicking the "Edit" button at the top of any page or section to edit any mistakes you see. Learn more at Wikiversity:Introduction to edit stories in the wiki or share new, copyright-free stories of your own.

Why stories?

Current research in language education suggests that students learn best when lost in a book or story. Listening to stories and simplified texts can be a bridge to independent reading. This database seeks to offer simplified stories for free to language learners and teachers around the world.
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Newest Stories
The Hunter and the King

Once upon a time, a hunter was married to a woman who did not love him. One day he was returning home along the river when he saw a rat... Read More

The Golden Key
Once upon a time, a little boy felt very cold. It was winter time, and snow lay deep all around. There was about thirty centimetres of snow on the ground.... Read more

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