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Descriptive Statistics[edit]

Univariate Data[edit]

  • Data Vectors (pdf)
  • Numeric Summaries (pdf)

Bivariate Data[edit]

  • Independent Samples (pdf)

Multivariate Data[edit]


Frequency Distributions[edit]

Central Tendency and Variability[edit]

Normal Curve[edit]


Linear Regression[edit]

Inferential Statistics[edit]

Random Sampling[edit]

  • Random Sampling (pdf)

Binomial Distribution[edit]

  • Binomial Distribution (pdf)

Hypothesis Test[edit]

  • Hypothesis Testing (pdf)

Sampling Distribution and z-Test[edit]

t-Test for Single Samples[edit]

  • t Test - I (pdf)

t-Test for Correlated and Independent Groups[edit]

  • t Test - II (pdf)

Analysis of Variance[edit]

Chi-Square Test[edit]

  • Chi-Square Test (pdf)

  • Monte Carlo Algorithms (C.pdf)

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