Static electricity/Howard Community College/Fall2012/p2-502-mw/PET Bottle Experiment

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The materials used in final product.
Step 1: I emptied soda bottles and removed the labels.
Step 2: I cut 5.5 " strips of aluminum tape and stuck them to the middle bottle.
Step 3: I made three sections, with 0.5 " in between each section (only on the middle bottle).
Step 4: I covered the outer two bottles completely with the aluminum tape.
Step 5: I measured the wood and drilled holes in appropriate places. (at 4.5 ", 9 , and 13.5 ".
Step 6: I created a "dimple" in the metal bottle cap used with the middle bottle (with a dull nail).
Step 7: I drilled holes in the bottom of the bottles.
Step 8: I screwed the outer two bottles to the wood with a long rod, duct tape, and plumbers putty. I cut a metal rod ,similiar to a coat hangar, filed the end to a point (for a better spin), and used for the middle bottle.
Step 9: I taped a wire to each outer bottle and pointed them towards the middle bottle. Also, I taped a small wire "loop" to the bottle so it could be hooked up to an electrostatic generator.
Step 10: I checked the resistance with a multi-meter.
Step 11: I taped a ring of aluminum foil around the top of the soda bottle because the adhesive on the aluminum tape was nonconductive.
Step 12: Done!