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These questions can be used for a classroom trivia-quiz-style game where people are in teams of 3 or 4, or just to recap your own knowledge!


  • Identify three current Spreadsheet applications that are available (But not different versions of the same product! Bonus points for each extra one)
  • Identify the file extension of spreadsheet documents on your computer
  • What must every formula in a spreadsheet start with? an equal to sign


  • Explain what the "autofill" feature of spreadsheets does.
  • The cell A3 contains the value 5. You want to add a formula into another cell that multiplies the value in A3 by 100. Write the formula required.
  • The cells in column A contain prices (such as 5.95, 7.95). Add a formula to the cell B3 that will calculate the GST (10 percent of the corresponding value in column A). Bonus 2 points: Add a formula in C3 to calculate the total price including the GST.
  • Draw and name 3 pictures of three different types of charts that you can create in your spreadsheet program (Bonus 1 point for every extra one)
  • Describe how you would add a footer to your printed spreadsheet.


  • Identify three different file-formats that you can use when you save your spreadsheet files (1 bonus point for each extra one, 3 bonus points if you can identify an ISO standard file format)
  • Calculating age question (Column A has peoples birth year, how would you calculate age)
  • The cells in column A contain prices (such as 5.95, 7.95). A special cell, cell G1 has the current GST rate of 10%, but word on the street is that it may change. Add a formula to the cell C3 that will calculate the GST so that this formula can be "autofilled" down.
  • The cells in column A contain prices (such as 5.95, 7.95), but some of the items are GST-free items. This is indicated by a value in column B (GST-Free column) of either "Yes" or "No". Add a formula to cell C3 that will calculate the final price for the items.