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Let's first see if we can establish an understanding on what social media is. Something along the lines of socially constructed media - that is different to just platforms that support social networking, which don't necessarily speak to the media side of the equation. Media created through the direct or indirect collaboration of people socially. Consider this in comparison to media that is created by media organisations, who typically use a journalist and an editor (or small numbers of both) to generate media. Compare Encyclopedia Britannica to Wikipedia. Compare Youtube to Television.

How could a sport organisation use social media get their message, brand across more people?[edit]

  • Social media can be an extension to broadcast, but it is not only broadcast
  • Social media can be used to communicate a message straight to audience without mediation by editors and journalists. * Useful for press releases
  • If done well, social media can be used to build engagement, loyalty and other elements of social capital

What could a sport organisation suggest to a sponsor?[edit]

  • Brand visibility in the traditional form of logos and advertising embedded in the media
  • Product placement strategies in the broadcast, and in the responses
  • Direct links to point of sale by way of Amazon, Paypal and other online transaction methods

What sponsors would be interested in a social media?[edit]

  • Providers of social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, possibly local charters of the Wikimedia Foundation)
  • Other internet service and mobile Providers
  • Startups

How do present sites use sponsors or get used by sponsors?[edit]

  • NRL by Telstra
  • Facebook and Google adds

What is being done to increase fan allegiance and how could this be used to get sponsor recognition across?[edit]

See UCNISS researcher, Laura Hale at [http://] where she is researching sport fandom online, developing a range of case studies to test her methods and support her recomendations.

How can a logo be featured in social media communications?[edit]

  • Backdrops, clothing and equipment featured in videos made in house
  • In campaigns that tap user generated content

Which mode of social media should a sport organisation first consider to get greater sponsor awareness by the public?[edit]

  • First understand where target audiences frequent online, and study the culture and dynamics of those spaces

Find out what skills and levels of participation already exist in the organisation

  • Develop a strategy that ensures communications is regular, responsive, appreciative and non confrontational, and present.

What are the major social media sites/modes, their primary features/functions and how are they used by sport?[edit]

  • Facebook - Fan pages, club pages, groups, athlete user accounts, campaigns
  • Youtube - Mostly video broadcast, sometimes two way dialog, playlist creation
  • Wikipedia - Ensure club, code and athlete pages are accurate, up to date, comprehensive and linked. Do this within * Wikipedia policy, and fully disclose interests before making contributions. Don't be defensive.

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Listen, inquire, respond quickly and positively. Social media is not broadcast media, listen to the conversations. Individual publishers have potentially just as much to contribute, probably more, than your club or organisation. Always be present and respond quickly to direct questions or comments. Respond selectively and strategically to wider coverage.

More questions to investigate[edit]

  1. What are the main types of social media?
  2. How can sport organisations use social media to enhance brand awareness of their sponsor’s name and sponsor’s products?
  3. Name two creative ways that social media could be used in disseminating sport information and views
  4. How can sponsors reach our sport or sport organization fan base as a potential market?
  5. What are the knowledge and skills of social media required in a sponsored organization by their sponsors?
  6. What are the knowledge and skills of social media required in a sponsor’s organization?
  7. Can we use social media to reach consumers at a sport event? How?
  8. Should a sport organization make rules about its employees and players using social media in regard to their sport/club? Why? What rules?
  9. What should a sport club do about athletes using Twitter to give advance news, comment on selection or criticize other players or the referee, thus harming the image a sponsor would wish that club to have?
  10. How could coaches use social media to enhance the sponsor?
  11. How could team managers use social media to enhance the sponsor?
  12. How could club executives use social media to enhance the sponsor?