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Sport performance analysis is the science of observing and recording events and actions during competition and training environments. The content in Sport Performance Analysis examines techniques used to assess and monitor sporting performance using real-time and lapsed-time coding systems. The 3 main notational coding methods (time-motion, tactical and technical) are considered with reference to analysis during match-play and training activities. Effective video capturing techniques across a range of sports and the appropriate use of video in the coaching process will be explored. The implementation of commercially available coding systems will be demonstrated along with the use of innovative technologies relating to performance analysis and sport analytics. Sport Performance Analysis provides fundamental insight into a rapidly growing area of sport science.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of performance analysis principles in sport
  2. An ability to conduct performance analysis research relevant to sport
  3. An understanding of meaningful feedback / information in sport

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Background to performance analysis in sport
  • The role of a performance analyst in sport
  • Defining key performance indicators in sport using flow charts
  • Performance analysis techniques including time-motion, tactical and technical analysis
  • Dynamic systems and momentum in performance analysis
  • Reliability and validity in performance analysis
  • Designing coding systems to analyse sporting performance
  • Monitoring training performance in sport
  • Performance analysis of officials and umpires in sport
  • Providing meaningful feedback to coaches

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Hughes, M., and Franks, I. M. (2008). The essentials of performance analysis: an introduction. New York, NY: Routledge

Assignments[edit | edit source]

  • Research proposal that will outline why and how the research project will be conducted (research presented in the research poster). The research proposal must contain a literature review and outline the methods to be used in completing the research project. The major research project must address a gap in the published performance analysis research and the research proposal should identify the need for such research.
  • Research poster that presents the findings of the research project. The research poster must be of conference quality and contain an Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion and Reference section. An Abstract (no more than 250 words) must be submitted separate to the research poster.
  • Research progression requires weekly updates regarding the completion of the research project.

Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Keane Wheeler