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Speech Fundamentals is intended to be a beginning college level speech text. Building from that level it may be suitable for other levels of Speaking classes. It was started as a result of the instruction of Dr. Jeffrey Shires at Purdue University North Central in Communications 114 during the Spring 2005 Semester. I am personally using it in an informational speech regarding Wikimedia projects as a visual aid and interactive component.

Chapters in Progress[edit | edit source]

Chapters Needed[edit | edit source]


Interactive Presentation Pages[edit | edit source]

This is where you can mark a page for use in a speech you give. You can edit a page during a speech to demonstrate how a group of people can put together a tome of knowledge. Certain Restrictions on these pages apply. Please visit the IPP information page for more information. I am also unsure as to how well recieved this concept may or may not be. Discussion on the subject is welcomed and encouraged at IPP Talk Page.

Standard Conventions for this Wikibook[edit | edit source]

Naming conventions[edit | edit source]

Sub pages are to be added by using the Book/subpage method.

EX: [[Speech_Fundamentals/Page_Title]]

Wikibooks naming convention information and discussion: b:Naming_conventions b:Hierarchy_naming_scheme

Conventions on Definitions of words[edit | edit source]

  • If you wish to define a word that is not speech related and does not belong to the glossary, please use the definition from the [1].
  • I am unsure as to whether we should define words in the text as you would in a print book or not. I would say we should because at some point this text may be used in print form. On the other hand not defining words in-text and simply providing links to definitions would make entries shorter and easier to read.

-Arckanghel 03:02, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Help for Contributers[edit | edit source]

Helpful links for contributing Speech Fundamentals:

Founded March 30, 2005.