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Soviet Montage Lesson[edit]

Kuleshov, Vertov, and Eisenstein are the giants of the Soviet Russian film world. In this unit we will explore the role these three individuals played in developing the film industry in Russia and how their work changed cinema globally.

Lesson Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the major players in the development of Russian Cinema
  2. Differentiate the uses of Soviet Montage including documentary and propaganda
  3. Recognize the influence of Soviet Montage on global cinema
  4. Compare Soviet Montage with modern cinema editing techniques

Learning Activities[edit]

  1. Read the brief biography of the following filmmakers:
  2. View the PBS Crash Course video on Soviet Montage. For optional additional information please view Man with a Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov.
  3. In your weekly discussion post share a link to a film created in the last 10 years that you believe represents modern use of Soviet Montage techniques. In the text of your post tell us about the film, what Soviet technique it resembles, and why you chose that particular clip.

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