Southeast Asian Languages/Bahasa Indonesia/Lesson:Introducing Yourself

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Apa Kabar?
How are you? (Lit. What's the news?)
Baik-baik saja.
Kabar baik.
Good. (Lit. the news is good)
Tidak Baik.
Not good (note: an anwser like this is considered bad manners)
Selamat pagi.
Good Morning.;Selamat siang/sore : Good Afternoon (siang: from approx. 11:00-3:00pm, sore: from 3:00-6:00pm)
Selamat malam.
Good night.
Siapa nama Anda?
What is your name?
Nama saya ______.
My name is _______.
Saya bernama ______.
I have the name of ______.
Senang berkenalan dengan Anda.
I'm glad to know you.
Senang bertemu dengan Anda.
I'm glad to meet you.
Terima kasih.
Thank you.
Terima kasih kembali. or Sama-sama
You're welcome.
Mau ke mana?
literaly means 'where are you going' or 'where do you want to go' but is often used as a general greeting
Dari mana?
literaly means ' from where?'. It is the shortened form of ' Kamu dari mana?' meaning ' where are you from?'
Saya berasal dari ______.
I originally come from ______.

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