Southeast Asian Languages/Bahasa Indonesia/Lesson:How to pronounce the sounds in Bahasa Indonesia?

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How to Pronounce the Sounds in Bahasa Indonesia?[edit | edit source]

Pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia is relatively easier, particularly in the case of the vowels. There are no changes of sounds when the two sounds are combined together. Here is how you pronounce the sounds in Bahasa, the transcription of the sound in IPA system, the equivalent sounds in an English word, and the example word in Bahasa Indonesia.


Sound IPA Word in English Word in Indonesia
a /a/ father nama (=name)
i /i/ see gigi (=tooth)
u /ʊ/ do buku (=book)
e /ə/ but Selasa (=Tuesday)
e /e/ let es (=ice)
o /ɔ/ saw tolong (=help/please)