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The course is intended to cover the South African Law of persons. The course is aimed at First Yeart University level, for students doing an undergraduate law degree. The course work is based on the UNISA sylabus and is intended as an aid to students. The course is based on the UNISA course work and the principle works cited are:

  • Cronje & Heaton: The South African Law of Persons Second Edition
  • Cronje & Heaton: Casebook on The South African Law of Persons Second Edition.
  • UNISA Department of Private Law - Law of persons 2007 study guide. Eds Ferreira, Heaton, Kruger & Mailula.

Other works cited:

  • Jones & Buckle: The Civil Practise of the Magistrate's Courts in South Africa' Ninth Edition. Eds. Erasmus & Van Logerenberg.

Topics to be covered[edit]

  1. Introduction
    1. Legal personality
  2. The beginning and end of Legal Personality
    1. The beginning of Legal personality -
    2. The interests of the unborn child
    3. The end of Legal personality
  3. Status
    1. Domicile
    2. Extra-martital birth
    3. Minority
      1. The legal status of an infans
      2. The Legal status of a minor
      3. The Minor's contractual capacity
        • Assistance by a guardian
        • Ratification of contracts
        • Statuory exceptions.
        1. Minor's contractual capacity - Misrepresentation
        2. Mionor's contractual capacity - Undue Enrichment
        3. Minor's contractual capacity - Restitutio in integrum.
        4. Minor's capacity in other juristic acts
          • Litigation
          • Delictual liability
          • Criminal liability
        5. Majority
      4. Attainment of majority by various acts
        • Venia Aetas
        • Release from tutelage
        • Age of majority
        • Emancipation
    4. Diverse factors affecting status:
      1. Status: Insanity
      2. Status: Insolvency