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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)[edit | edit source]

Executive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Bicycle
Executive PPM Bicycle

Innovations, Demand & Ideas[edit | edit source]

This are where the new project initiatives will come from. All innovations, demands and ideas should be honored and recorded. New projects can come from many sources;

  • Either internal or external innovations are identified from many sources. it can be a hallway conversation, while having coffee, a structured idea generating meeting, another project meeting or from a vendor.
  • A customer demand is something requested by a customer or by identifying a customer need through there activity. This demand could become a new project.
  • Ideas come from everywhere, they should not be lost.

Executive & Governance[edit | edit source]

Final decision making will come from the executive level with guidance from strong governance practices. The main idea being that with inputs from new innovations, demand, ideas, retiring applications, business cases and learned lessons that the projects most likely of success with a good ROI should become projects.

IT PROJECTS become IT ASSETS[edit | edit source]

It's like managing an investment portfolio. Keeping an eye to what to retire, what to re-invest in and what should stay the same. Once a project goes live it becomes an asset and needs to be well managed to stay healthy.