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General idea: The general idea is to focus this course on young children and teenagers, who are able to work with the computer and understand an issue. There is no need to be able to read, because the general idea is to offer all texts recorded. It is also aiming to teach children general factoids about the solar system and the space around us and not breaking their beliefs in God and other at the same time. There is also a need to give a small amount of facts per page and describe them in an easy way and give examples. Try not to use too many specific words, even they are correct - try to use short sentences and language , which the children seeing SS for the first time, can understand! To promote children's interest there will be other modules connected to this system (such as The Space or About The Earth), which will be based on the same system. When a child will be leaving SS to another, there will by "Questions to go", which will test and repeat the factoids passed.

Interested people to help

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  • SS pages not ready:
    • Mercury inside
    • Venus inside
    • the earth inside
    • Mars inside
    • jupiter inside
    • Saturn inside
    • Uranus inside
    • Neptune inside
    • Asteroid belt
    • comets
    • pluto
    • moon inside
  • missing text:
    • sun prominance
    • about and inside Mercury, Venus, The Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Asteroid belt, Comets, Pluto,
  • questions to go
  • factoid text correction
  • conversion to easy "children" language
  • language and grammar check
  • text record
  • bug correction
  • advertising
  • extension