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On this page you can find information about promoting Part-up.

  • Contact companies and invite them to support the part-up that discusses their business. In Octobre 2015 we started a Part-up to discuss the bank of the future. See
  • Stimulate people to tell their friends about Part-Up and advise them to start Part-Ups together.

Markets[edit | edit source]

To-do[edit | edit source]

Reaction expected

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  • Anna Koval: On 07.10.15 Timboliu posted a message on the talk page of Anna Koval: Timboliu asked Anna if Part-up could be interessting for more people. If so, maybe we could post an article about part-up in a Wikimedia newsletter.
  • StartUp Delta: On 05.10.15 User:Timboliu sent a suggestion via the website of StartUp Delta. On 10.10.15 sent mail to Ralph Boeije if he contacted StartUp Delta.