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Socialism And Nature.

Maybe I should introduce myself:My name is V.Sphiwe Ndaba father/husband Train driver from South Africa 🇿🇦.My highest qualification is a high school leaving certificate.

Now that's that,I grew up with 'socialism' as a word that was thrown around by those trying to show their political understanding.I am not sure it demonstrated the understanding though or just elitist illusion of grandeur.

As I grew I got to understand this strange system that guarantees me ownership of assets that I didn't invest into.I understood that my uncle's car was his,it didn't matter how I cleaned it or how much I liked it.It was very difficult to grasp,but the alternatives were also not any better.There was a system where everything belonged to the village chief,but the chief did not invest anything also?I was told about Capitalism that it was a triumph of the common man against the chiefs/kings.The premise was promising,you raise your funds from the open market and build your enterprise.The market dictates the prices of your supplies and prices you sell your produce.But wait the worker's pension funds are the biggest investors,these funds are run by capitalist managers for a share.But now wait which is the fuel now in this machine?

Back to socialism and nature.My father met my mother and they had me,natural process right?I had no house no money.I had to depend on my parents to survive.My parents taking care of me sounds like socialism but can I claim anything in this household. As a family unit,can we claim anything just by virtue of being part of larger society.I think no.(let me rest)