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Anyone (staff, students, observers, etc.) is invited to add reflections, comments, impressions, suggestions, etc. of the 2008 experiment with the Social psychology (psychology) unit and materials and the way it has used Wikiversity.

  • Gbaor suggested that: "I think there should be also a very short (3-4 sentences long) mention about the previous course, with the link to the blog mentioned. This gives possibilities to choose from, you/we could see the "evolution" between courses, and also the two approaches could be compared with pros and cons." -- Jtneill - Talk - c 05:35, 18 September 2008 (UTC)

I really enjoyed the unit. Even the E-portfolio was enjoyable (eventually!!). It was frustrating at first, however it was very useful to be exposed to Wikiversity, to learn how to use the site (a bit) and to connect with others through it. I felt it gave a sense of 'community' to an assessment item, and although it was difficult at first and you do feel a bit 'public' with your work exposed for all to see - I am glad I took part in it. It was good to be able to connect with other students (I am only sorry I didn't do more of it) and to get feedback from others (including others not enrolled in the unit). Initially I was wary about putting my work up, and was even against it (feeling a bit put out, thinking some have more advantages in familiarity with technology and better quality or faster equipment available at home)- however being forced into using it ended up being a good experience for me, expanding my horizons a bit. It was also a good support - with others commenting on work or making suggestions.Betsy 09:58, 20 October 2008 (UTC)

Another comment I would like to make: It would be good if the Thompson site was able to be made available via the University for the enrolled students to use. I tried unsuccessfully at the beginning of Semester to sign up to use the exam questions that come with the Text, however every time it told me my code was invalid and then you have to contact the people in America, who then put you onto their Australian representative etc etc and then you give up because it still doesn't work anyway. I had the same problem last year with the Stats package and just gave up after countless E-mails back and forth, and just used the package at the Uni. It's obviously just made for Americans to access and no one else. Betsy 05:06, 12 November 2008 (UTC)