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Week 4[edit | edit source]

  1. Complete the Week 03 guide.
  2. Make sure you've signed up for an essay topic.
  3. Self-study the Lecture 04: Aggression slides and notes, and read the accompanying chapter in the textbook.
  4. Try the test quizzes for the chapter in the textbook's accompanying website resources via
  5. Participate in Tutorial 02: Communication
  6. Create some reflections about your participation this week in your e-portfolio.
  7. Watch and read about Ghosts of Rwanda by reading about prejudice and aggression - add reflections to your e-portfolio about connections between GOR and socio-psychological aspects of aggression, e.g., think about why and how the Rwandan Genocide occurred from socio-psychological point of view.
  8. Have you completed your research participation? It needs to be done by the end of Week 7.

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