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Nutmeg[edit | edit source]

Nutmeg is the style of kicking the ball, dribbling the ball, or even shooting the ball (at times) through someone's leg. It's a popular skill in which is used a lot. In order to perform a successful nutmeg, you need to pay attention to the opponent's legs. Then as soon as the opponent's legs spread out, quickly tap, kick, or shoot the ball through the opponent's legs. Many famous soccer players, such as Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi use this type of skill, and the skill is commonly used in matches.

Bicycle Kick[edit | edit source]

The art of doing a 360 degree circle, the goal is to kick the ball upwards. This type of kick is used by many famous soccer players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Costa. It is advised that experienced players who knows how to do this and have done it before do it in the playing field. If an inexperienced player who does not know how to do this does it on the field, he'll fail, and thus result in serious injuries, or even in rare cases: death. That is why it is advised for players to only do it if they know how to do it and have done it before to do it on the field.
You'd like to do this trick?
It is advised to have a good partner/someone who knows how to do this help you while you do this. Make sure if you "Fail", you'll land on something easy/soft, such as a bed, mattress, or carpet.