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Snapshot journal layout instructions

Once the editing process is complete, the files must be prepared for publication. For Snapshot, the 'layout' stage involves formatting the file in the Snapshot template ready for publication.

About the template[edit | edit source]

The template has been designed with set styles. All work published in Snapshot should be formatted following the instructions in the template file.

Layout and preparation of final files[edit | edit source]

Once work is set in the Snapshot template, it should be proofread by the author and the editor, to check for typographical errors (typos) and other formatting errors.

Files should be saved in three formats for publication: Word doc (doc or docx file extension), HTML (Unicode UTF-8 encoding) and PDF. All these file formats can be produced using Microsoft Word 'Save As' function (Mac users must use the Print function to save as PDF).

More information on layout process to come.