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Snap[1] is a software deployment and package management for Linux available at least since 2015[2] with support for channels[3] and parallel installs [4].

Snaps are basically an application compiled together with its dependencies and libraries – providing a sandboxed environment for the application to run. These are easier and faster to install, can receive latest updates and is confined from the OS and other apps.

Basic operations[edit | edit source]

  • Installation: sudo apt install snapd[5]
  • Install your first application: snap install hello
  • Remove an application: snap remove hello-world
  • Search for your application: snap find SNAP_TO_SEARCH
  • List snaps: snap list
  • Show Info: snap info SNAP_NAME
  • Update your snaps: sudo snap refresh

Snapshots and Roll Back[edit | edit source]

  • Take a snapshot: snap save
  • Roll Back (including data): sudo snap revert hello

Channels[edit | edit source]

  • Change channel: sudo snap refresh hello --channel=beta

Activities[edit | edit source]

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