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Full view images[edit]

This section shows sample images and how to interpret the features in them.

Overexposed image of completely overcast sky  
Mostly cloudy  
Scattered clouds with some stars  
The Moon at upper left and Lens flare  
CCD blooming caused by the overexposed Moon  
A very bright fireball meteor and Mars  
Raindrops on camera window  
Distortion due to a water drop on the camera window  

Details from images[edit]

This section shows details from the images highlighting unusual features seen in the images. This includes transient phenomena including orbiting satellites and meteors. Also included are image artifacts due to the camera or sky conditions.

Small meteor
Leonids (2010)  
Bright meteor
Quadrantids (2012)  
Bright meteor and Mars
Quadrantids (2012)  
A fireball and Mars
Closeup of image distortion from a small water droplet