Should sex change operations be guided by mental health specialists or psychologists?

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The sex change operation or sex change surgery, sex reassignment surgery, transgender surgery, etc. is a radical intervention whose objective is to convert the genitals of one sex to the opposite sex.[1] It can be done by hormonal treatments, by surgical interventions, or both.[2] In cases of modification of genitality, the operations are not reversible.[3] Without neglecting that the decision is entirely personal and respectable, should non-reversible operations be carefully guided by qualified (mental/psychology) professionals? Should there be a base age to carry out these practices?

Sex change operations should be exclusive to the individual, without external interventions[edit | edit source]

  • Argument for Based on individual freedom, the choice of sex is ultimately the individual's decision, therefore the operation must be the exclusive decision of the person who wishes to be intervened.
    • Objection Doctors should have a say in important medical decisions, as doctors have a duty of care to their patients.
    • Objection As with the right to vote, we all have it but from a certain age, because it is assumed that before that we are not fit for such a decision. The change of sex is just as relevant, therefore, it should be possible to do it only after a certain age.
  • Argument against The sex change operation is not something reversible, it is something that lasts for a lifetime. If the person regrets after the operation, even if years pass, he cannot go back. Therefore, they must be deeply advised by professionals and sign a consent regulated by the State.
    • Objection The state does not need this level of intervention in a person's personal decisions. What people do with their own bodies should be left up to them.

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