Should polygamy be legal?

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Polygamy should be legal[edit]

Polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple spouses.

  • Argument Argument Everyone should be free to do anything that doesn't harm others. Marrying multiple people is a free choice between the parts involved and doesn't harm others, so it should be allowed.
  • Argument against Argument against When polygamy is allowed, polygyny (one man, many women) becomes more common than polyandry (one woman, many men), so in practice a polygamous society leads to a polygynous soceity, which violates the dignity of women.
  • Argument against Argument against Polygamy leads to some people having many spouses and others none, which generates resentment and destabilizes society.
    • Objection Objection There's also some people with a lot of money and others with none, which generates resentment and destabilizes society, but we don't forbid people from having a lot of money just because other people can't handle it.
    • Objection Objection In a monogamous society, there's some people with a spouse and others without, and that doesn't cause particular resentment or social instability.
  • Argument against Argument against Polygamy implies that each spouse gets only a fraction of the time, attention, resources and love of their partner.

Polygyny should be legal[edit]

Polygyny is the practice of a man marrying multiple women.

Polyandry should be legal[edit]

Polyandry is the practice of a woman marrying multiple men.

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