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This is about appropriately sharing Wikiversity content on Reddit. Wikiversity is a site that is designed to help people learn. Wikiversity consists of a great deal of content licensed under a Creative Commons license. Sharing valuable content from Wikiversity to appropriate locations on Reddit can benefit those that see it potentially. Also, users from Reddit might choose to contribute content to Wikiversity, which can also spread benefits to more people.

Ideally, using Wikiversity ought to benefit you. If this is so, then in theory, sharing Wikiversity with others should benefit them as well.

This resource is about how to share Wikiversity with others on Reddit. Reddit consists of sub-Reddits which are communities related to various topics. There are tens of thousands of sub-Reddits on Reddit. There are many communities. Be sure to follow Reddits content policies when posting pages to this site there. Adhere to terms of service.

Tips for submitting to Reddit[edit | edit source]

Here are some tips for submitting content to Reddit that people will see and be glad that they saw. They might even up-vote what you post there. The more up-votes something gets, usually means that more individuals will see it.

  • Post to relevant sub-Reddits.
  • Post to smaller and medium sized sub-Reddits. Often time popular sub-Reddits (those with many subscribers/followers) will have strict content policies and will auto-remove many posts for various reasons, including title formatting. Small to medium (in terms of subscriber numbers) sub-Reddits will often autoremove less content and have fewer posting rules/guidelines.
  • Only post something to a relavent sub-Reddit if you think that most people seeing it will be glad that they saw it in their Reddit feed, and also might potentially benefit from the link.
  • Remember to include a CC-BY-SA license notice with any content copied from Wikiversity. Links back to Wikiversity without content do not require a license notice.
  • If a subreddit happens to be under hostile moderation that removes on-topic content without notice and neglects inquiry respectfully asking for explanation, you may seek out an alternative subreddit with a similar purpose and interest group.
  • Add your own tip here!

Potentially relevant sub-Reddits[edit | edit source]

Here are some Reddits in which Wikiversity content submissions might be a good fit. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Example submissions[edit | edit source]

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