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The classification by Mirkin phase does not imply that society will move into Phase 2. Some Phase 1 topics may forever remain such. However, Phase 1 topics require special care.

Reviewing these categories, I find conflicts and inconsistencies in classification, common with Wikipedia, and some of this may be related to the high controversy. This list is purely a guide to research and is not intended to be definitive; it may be improved with the goal of facilitating access to Wikipedia resources relating to this Wikiversity resource. --Abd (discusscontribs) 20:06, 1 April 2015 (UTC)

Possible former Mirkin Phase 1 topics)

These topics may now be Mirkin Phase 2 or accepted.




Possible Mirkin Phase 1 topics).
Only chronophilias considered or allegedly atypical are listed.
  • Hebephilia (adult sexually active hebephilia usually illegal)
  • Ephebophilia (adult sexually active ephebophilia often illegal)