Sewing on a button

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Sewing on a Button

PREPARATION[edit | edit source]

If your garment is missing a button, try to find the original button or buy a similar set. Take your garment to your local fabric store and fit buttons you like through the buttonholes to determine they are a good size. You might also note instructions on the buttons (dry cleanable? washable? remove from garment before cleaning?).

Buy a spool of thread and a pack of needles if you do not already own them.

SEWING ON THE BUTTON[edit | edit source]

Cut a length of thread about 20" long from the spool. Pass one end through the eye of the needle and pull it through until even with the other end. Form a knot at the end.

Pierce the fabric with the needle and draw the thread through to the knot. Using one of the holes left by the previous button, pass the needle through again to the front of the fabric. Now pass the needle through one of the holes on botton of the button, bringing the needle through the front of the button. Pass the needle through another of the button's holes, from front to back. Then pass the needle through the front of the fabric to the back, and pull the tread relatively taut. Now, loosen the thread just a little so that there is space behind the button. You can now position a toothpick or a bobby pin under the button to maintain this small spacing. Pass through the same holes four more times. If the button has four holes, repeat. The thread on the top of the button can look like an "x" or it can be two parallel threads. After making four passes through each hole, pull the needle and thread through to the front and wind some remaining thread around the loose space in the back of the button (three or four times around the threads). This will strenghten your stitches. Pierce your needle through to the back of the fabric again.

When you find your needle is on the back of the fabric, form a knot. You can then pass your needle through the back of the threads you have just formed once more to "bury" the knot. Clip the small loose ends from the first and second knots.

You are done with one button and on to the next.