Science Grade 9/Earth and Space

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STAR STUFF (Physical Science: Atoms, Elements, and Compounds)[edit | edit source]

SOLAR ENERGY (Physical Science: Characteristics of Electricity)[edit | edit source]

  • Big Bang and the production of energy
  • Electrical charge
  • Electrical current
  • Series and Parallel circuits
  • Electrical Energy and Power consumption
  • Solar Energy
  • Unit 2 Rubrics

SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE: Analyze Oak Bay High School’s electrical energy consumption and design a solar energy system for the new, ‘green’ Oak Bay High.

SPACE TRAVEL (Earth and Space Science: Space Exploration)[edit | edit source]

SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE: Design and build a solar powered robot surface explorer and soil tester (Lego Mindstorms)

MARS ATTACKS! (Life Science: Reproduction)[edit | edit source]

  • Is there extra-terrestrial life?
  • Definition of Life
  • Big Bang and the production of pre-biotic compounds
  • Urey and the possible development of DNA and cells
  • Cell Division (Asexual and Sexual)
  • Embryonic Development
  • Reproductive Technologies

SUMMATIVE PERFORMANCE: Alien Attack Crime Scene Investigation (Using DNA analysis by Electrophoresis)