Science Fiction Challenge/Singularity

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They sat around the fire. It was a quite night. The wind was blowing. Rain drops were making a cacophony of sound falling on the roof. Everyone was comfortable and with smiles on their each and every face.


They went into the room next door. It felt a bit sterile, but yet oddly cozy.

The chamber was setup on the table. A glass looking bubble hooked to the white granite looking top.

The seed was pressed into the soil, doused with water in a sloppy fashion, and put under the glass-like bubble-like container.

It started to glow a bit and make an odd, but sort of nice sound. A series of sounds actually. They all flowed together in an odd harmony.

A little green speck started to come up out of the soil. It elongated, and stretched. Grew leaves, and flowered, and dropped a seed. Then it wilted and died. A moment later the new seed did it again...

It was rather novel, and the flower was rather pleasing to the senses.

He took a stick like device from his shirt and swiftly ran it along the floor to cut it open. They all hopped through.