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This area of this wiki is about nonprofit management.

Content summary[edit | edit source]

This course will guide individuals through the process of creating a nonprofit. Nonprofit Management will also prepare them to work with members of the organization and the Board of Directors to efficiently and effectively manage the nonprofit.

Goals[edit | edit source]

This learning project offers learning activities to ____.

  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Decide on a Board of Directors.
  • Decide which Committees will be necessary.
  • Choose a Name for the nonprofit. [Have the board draft several names and vote]
  • Write Articles of Incorporation
  • Draft Bylaws
  • Incorporate with Secretary of State
  • Determine 501(c) status.
  • Apply for a Federal EIN
  • Planning Ahead (Organization Plan)
  • Staff: Employees and Volunteers
  • Budget
  • Federal Tax Status Filing (1023 or 1024)
  • Marketing and Media Relations
  • Internet Presence [Webspoce]
  • Advocacy and Lobbying

Concepts to learn include:

Learning materials[edit | edit source]

Learning materials and learning projects are located in the main Wikiversity namespace. Simply make a link to the name of the lesson (lessons are independent pages in the main namespace) and start writing!

You should also read about the Wikiversity:Learning model. Lessons should center on learning activities for Wikiversity participants. Learning materials and learning projects can be used by multiple projects. Cooperate with other departments that use the same learning resource.

  • Wikiversity NPC - participants create a nonprofit corporation that will produce Wikiversity content.
  • ...

Readings[edit | edit source]

Each activity has a suggested associated background reading selection.

  • Study guide:

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