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Welcome to the School of Computer Science!

School of Computer Science

Computer science or computing science (CS) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation. It includes practical techniques for their implementation and application in computer systems. Computer scientists invent algorithmic processes that create, describe, and transform information and formulate suitable abstractions to design and model complex systems.

Students can complete 'core courses' in computer science from this department. There is no diploma or official recognition - this is simply an opportunity to follow a similar learning path to a traditional college Computer Science program.

Many courses are in need of further development, and our pool of contributors only post sporadically (due to living real-world lives). If you find a resource that needs help please consider lending a hand - see the Help Page to learn more.

Divisions and Departments

Major divisions may include higher level generalized topics such as...

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For specialized departments and brainstorming, see the Specialized Departments page.

Learning Resources


Know any good resources for scholars of this topic? Good open source software sources for computer science education are welcome. Add them here!


  • NPTEL Free online courses(video lectures, presentation, and notes) by IITs and IISc, India.
  • CS10 The Beauty and Joy of Computing Offered by UC Berkeley EECS department; An introductory computer programming course that is offered using the visual programming approach; Video lectures; Reading materials from across the web; Access to their learning management system is not freely available to take tests but most of the content is available publicly.
  • Codecademy Teaches HTML, Javascript, Python, Ruby, jQuery, and PHP in an interactive manner, awarding badges for completing units, increasing your streak, and exercises completed.
  • SoloLearn Another resource for learning how to code HTML, Javascript, Python, and more for free. Share your coding projects with ours, and interact with the SoloLearn community to see what is being built by other brilliant coders. Available iOS and Android smartphone applications are available for download for free.
  • Khan Academy Computer Science Teaches basic coding skills using Javascript.
  • Codility Lessons Intermediate-advanced programming lessons from Iterations to Dynamic Programming in the form of a PDF reading material and a few logic problems to go with each lesson. Available in 16 different programming languages.
  • Ask Computer Science sub-Reddit
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