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Stabbing The principle of the game is to get yourself (because your a prostitute) out of the institution. The game has a maximum of five players but there are six different scenario cards. You can keep the scenario secret or tell other players in order to form an alliance. Each scenario card will explain how to get out of prostitution and eventually win the game. Remember the game is intentionally difficult because unfortunately for the real life victims of this game, many never escape. This game is a simulation of the world of prostitution, pacifically south Asia; therefore the scenarios have been adapted from Louise Brown's (2000) research. Brown, L., 2000. Sex Slaves: The Trafficking of Women in Asia. London: Viagro Press documentry on sex slaves Siddharth, K., 2009. Sex trafficking: inside the business of modern slavery. New York: Columbia University Press Scenarios

  1. You recruit from your village another girl who will take your place in the industry
  2. Run away
  3. Having a son that looks after you and buys you out of the industry
  4. Becoming a madam
  5. A special client buys you out
  6. You die
  7. You becoming your own manager no pimp giving you autonomy over your clients

Each girl has a different debt to the industry you must go round the board and acquire the money amongst over thing to secure your liberty.