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Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) is a clade of lentivirus that infects primate CD4 cells. SIV can infect at least 33 different nonhuman primate species. [1] SIV can also jump from nonhuman primates to humans and establish new clades. When this happens, the new clade is renamed "Human Immunodeficiency virus" (HIV). SIV is endemic to more than thirty African primate species. Numerous nonhuman primate lentiviruses have been discovered. Many SIVs grow in vitro in human cells. [2]

A non-rooted phylogenetic tree of SIV strains.

Nonhuman primate species and the SIV clades that infect them[3]
Species Common name Clade
Cercocebus atys Sooty mangabey SIVsm
Macaca species Macaque SIVsm
Cercocebus torquatus Red-capped mangabey SIVrcm
Chlorocebus pygerythrus Vervet monkey SIVagmVer
Chlorocebus tantalus Tantalus monkey SIVagmTan
Chlorocebus sabaeus Green monkey SIVagmSab
Macaca species Macaque SIVagmVer
Cercopithecus albogularis Sykes' monkey SIVsyk
Cercopithecus l'hoesti L'Hoest’s monkey SIVlhoest
Macaca species Macaque SIVlhoest
Cercopithecus neglectus DeBrazza's monkey SIVdeb
Colobus guereza Guereza colobus SIVcol
Mandrillus sphinx Mandrill SIVmnd
Mandrillus leucophaeus Drill SIVdrl
Miopithecus talapoin Talapoin monkey SIVtal
Pan troglodytes troglodytes Central African chimpanzee SIVcpz
Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii East African chimpanzee SIVcpz

References[edit | edit source]

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