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Russian Roulette is a drinking game based upon the infamous, deadly game of Russian Roulette. The exceptions being the gun and bullet are replaced. In this case, the 'gun' is in actuality a plate of six shot glasses, representing the chamber of a revolver, and the bullet is one shot of clear vodka, straight. The empty 'chambers' are instead filled with water. Primarily played in a group setting, each player can have their own 'gun', or take turns from the same one. After selecting which 'chamber' you will start with, you go clockwise in a fashion similar to that of an actual revolver. After any shot you take of water, you place the empty glass back on the plate and say: "Click." If you get the shot with vodka, after you place the glass down, you say: "Bang." The 'chambers' can be switched if you desire, having the 'bullet' be the one shot with water, and the 'empty chambers' contain vodka instead.

Risks and considerations

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Excessive and binge drinking is extremely bad for the health and can lead to alcohol poisoning, alcoholism and long term damage to a person's health. Please visit the following pages and bring back information that will assist people who have concerns for friends and relatives engaging in drinking games and binge drinking.

Resources for counseling

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If you have experience in counseling people with alcohol abuse behavior, please offer advice and links to resources here.


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