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Rune Yoga is the Yoga practice of the Germanic tribes, the ancestors of many people in Europe.

Wikipedia: Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets known as runic alphabets. The earliest runic inscriptions date from around AD 150. The three best-known runic alphabets are the Elder Futhark (around 150–800), the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400–1100), and the Younger Futhark (800–1100).

A personal report

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For Nils the Yoga path began with an amazing story. His late father appeared to him in early 1987 in a dream and asked him: "Do you need something?" Nils replied, that he still lacked a path of practice with which he could quickly get inner strength. As Nils woke up, he went intuitively into a bookstore, looked at the shelves and suddenly saw a book on Rune Yoga. He knew immediately that this book contained the promise of the dream. Nils practiced two years every day for half an hour Rune Yoga. He turned on a beautiful music and began with a shaking in the knees, to loosen the body. He took a rune position, visualized the rune and thought a word as a mantra. By the Rune Yoga Nils received a sense of energy. His internal energy perception awoke. After six months of Rune Yoga, he could feel energies within himself and in other people. That was very helpful on his path of yoga. It was helpful for him personally and also for the teaching of yoga. Nils was able to feel inside, what the people in his groups needed, which physical and mental exercises were good for them.

Rune Series for Beginners

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The German God Odin on his horse.

Try out by yourself. Find your personal way of Rune Yoga. Find your way of moving, visualizing and mantra-speaking (thinking). Find your way to get power and happiness.

miniature 1. Turn on a music and shake your knees. miniature 2. Bend down and rub the earth: "Earth." miniature 3. Stretch out your arms to the sky: "Heaven." miniature 4. Move a hand and send a person light: "May all people be happy. May the world be happy." miniature 5. Make large circles with your arms: "Cosmos." 6. Relax in standing, sitting or lying. Think a mantra (Fa, Ur, Ing or Om) in the earth, your body and your belly. miniature 7. Forward with power. Success (Jēra).

---> Rune Yoga with drums (Video, germ., 8 min.), Drumatical (Video, 3 min.)

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Runic alphabet (Elder Futhark)

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The Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes. Each rune most probably had a name, chosen to represent the sound of the rune itself. (Image from Wikipedia)