Rhyming words for songwriters

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Rhyming .. double-timing, triple-triple-triple-timing .. the ghosts are still a-sliming ..

and when it don't rhyme it can yet be sublime .. but not every time

I shall do the best I can to balance child and man

I'm humble, when I stumble, bit I won't bumble, while they crumble

.. no I won't tumble .. for you or anyone named George.

Sound, ground, found, round, bound, ...
Earth, birth, worth, girth, ...
  • on and on they come and go
  • rhyming words through sleet and snow
  • mail from heaven don't you know
  • inspirations - fast and slow.
A cowboy's work is never done
A meme can capture anyone
Hook line and sinker - hit songs are fun
Will you be a lucky one?

The Internet Junkie Band[edit]

Copyleft 17:18, 16 June 2010 (UTC) SkyTractor and the OzoneFarmers
Exclusive rights reversed.. The most worthy rights reserved for the next in line

I'm an Internet junkie, yes it's true Another flunky, in the cyber-stew Like a monkey, i'm over due But it sounds funky - and it's NEW!

<horns play some funky jazz - then the machine freezes up>

preview, comment ; save and close time to touch my baby's toes