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It’s Saturday morning and you’re thinking of adding a deck to the back of the house. You buy the wood, hammer, screws, and deck sealant. You’re ready to go, right? There’s one important part of building this deck that’s been overlooked, the plans. The plans tell you exactly how to put the deck together.

The same is true for conducting a user test. A plan helps direct the purpose of the test, outlines tools needed to conduct the test, and determine if the testing goal was accomplished. If you conduct a user test before putting a plan together, you won’t know such things as the intended outcomes of the testing, the correct data-gathering techniques to use, or if the test results are useful.

Morrison, Ross, and Kemp (2004) identify eight sections to an evaluation plan. This lesson reviews these sections in more detail and provides a completed e-learning evaluation plan that will be used in the next lesson, Conducting User Testing to conduct a user test on an existing Wikiversity page.


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Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of an evaluation test plan
  • Write a user test evaluation plan for an e-learning lesson

Lesson Topics

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  1. Elements of an Evaluation Plan
  2. E-learning User Test Plan
  3. Check Your Knowledge 2

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